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Kerala court says sexual harassment is invalid if woman wears provocative dress.

How do women dress not to get raped?

Every unjustifiable acts done towards women are always contradicted and twisted and turned into blaming the victims themselves, “the women”.

Riyona Anil
8th sem ba llb

 It must have been done because she must have done something.

 Because she was wearing an inappropriate dress.

Because she was out of the house at night during unacceptable hours.

Because because ….

everything that a man does will be blamed on the man’s anatomy or instincts or activities of their brain.

Some people will tell us that the world is going backwards.

 But I don’t think that’s true, because we are actually moving forward. We have come a long way from women not having the right to vote… but that  said there are parts of the world where child marriages and rape occur on a daily basis.

1 out of every 6 American women has been a victim of an attempted rape or has been raped in her lifetime (14.8% violated, 2.8% attempted).

A total of 1,597,466 rape-related crime cases were reported in India from 2001 to 2018. The NCRB reported 59,945 cases in 2001 which increased to 133,836 in 2018 in India, corresponding to all rape-related crime rate of 11.6 (95% CI[1]  11.5–11.7) in 2001 to 19.8 (95% CI 19.7–19.9) per 100,000 women and girls in 2018.

This statistics is degrading and astonishing…considering women have several scientific and academic achievements in their name…this diminishes all that, system must teach the men in our house about women and her rights and teach them to respect each other, women in the household should stop victim blaming, when men see this they will automatically think that they can do anything.Women will tolerate all because they’re the one who are always considered to be wrong or responsible for what happens to them.

“Women’s freedom is the sign of social freedom[2] .”

Rosa Luxemburg

 Statistics referred from


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