Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research, (CALSAR), Thiruvananthapuram

About Us

The Academy Law Review is a peer reviewed research law journal. It is the flagship journal of Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research, (CALSAR), Thiruvananthapuram published in association with the Kerala Law Academy (KLA), Thiruvananthapuram. The Academy Law Review is one of the oldest law journals in India and is being published regularly with original research articles of eminence since 1977 for the past 41 years continuously without any break or interruption. The Review promotes original and critical thinking and scholarship, high quality academic research and fosters debates on contemporary legal issues in India and abroad for law reform and social change. It is of immense worth to judges, lawyers, academicians and researchers and an educational experience of value to students, besides educating and developing intellectual and critical discourse among them.
The Review strives to shape discussions on current and significant national and international legal and policy related issues through a rigorous scholarship selection and editing and is designed to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to legal research and an effective research tool for judges, lawyers, researchers and students.
Research articles, which are based on original, critical, and in depth research studies, alone are selected. The selection process involving approval of two eminent experts of the Expert Peer Review Panel and thorough review through a detailed double blind review process involving Peer Review Team, Panel of Editors and Editorial Board consisting of the three eminent experts, is adopted for an independent and objective selection of the submissions for publication in the Academy Law Review. The Review process is based on our submission guidelines and the guidelines for Peer Review.


The first issue of the Academy Law Review was released by Mr. C.H. Mohammed Koya, Minister for Education, Government of Kerala on 15th July, 1977 and is continuously published since then. Dr. Joseph Minattur was the first Chief Editor of the Review. Dr. K. Parameswaran took charge as the Chief Editor of the Review in 1978 and continued till 1998. From 1998, Dr. K.N. Chandrasekhara Pillai was the Chief Editor for a brief period.

Dr N Narayanan Nair, the founder of the Kerala Law Academy and the first PhD in law from the University of Kerala is the was the First Chief Editor. Prof. Dr. K. Parameswaran, former Professor of the Academy and former Professor of the Indian School of Legal Thought, M.G.University, Kottayam, Prof. Dr. V.D.Sebastian, former Director of the Cochin University, School of Legal Studies, Prof. Dr. K.N.Chandrasekhara Pillai, former Director of the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and former Director of the Cochin University, School of Legal Studies and Prof. Dr. N.K.Jayakumar and several other academic experts in law have associated with the Law Review.

Interestingly, only very few peer reviewed research law journals are published from India on a regular basis without break or interruption. Besides, the Journal of Indian Law Institute (JILI), the Academy Law Review has the position of being a research law journal published continuously without break for the past 41 years. Several judges and academicians in India have acknowledged it as one of the best law journals in the country.


Articles submitted to Academy Law Review are not restricted to any particular field of law, but broad enough to include national as well as international legal and policy-related issues. We encourage historical, scientific and other multi-disciplinary approaches to research in Law. The Review provides the right platform for presenting original and critical views in the field of law, policy and justice. The subscribers of the Journal include various judicial and statutory bodies, prestigious institutions, universities and law schools/colleges, judges, lawyers, scholars and students, within and outside India.

Papers for publication in Academy Law Review are invited in the form of main articles, essays, case critiques, Book Review (together referred herein as “Articles”).The journal seeks to promote the growth and engagement of scholarship in the field of law, policy and justice.

Academy Law Review expects authors to abide by academic integrity and intellectual honesty.Papers submitted for publication should be original. Papers which are already published in other journals, anthologies etc should not be submitted for publication in Academy Law Review. Plagiarism in any form shall result in instant rejection of the submission.