Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research, (CALSAR), Thiruvananthapuram


Dhanusha Nayan J P
2nd Year BALLB Batch 2

Section 3 of Domestic Violence Act, 2005 defines Domestic violence. According to this section, domestic violence is explained as any harms or injuries that endangers the health, safety, life, limb or well‑being, whether mental or physical of the aggrieved person or tends to do so and includes causing physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal, emotional abuse and economic abuse to the aggrieved person. Domestic Violence is a cruel way that is used to threaten the aggrieved person or any other person who is related to him/her, to meet any unlawful demand like dowry, property or any other valuable security.


Physical Abuse

It means any act or omission by the respondent which can cause bodily injury, body pain, harm, danger to life or limb of the victim. The actions of hitting the victim, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects at the victim is included in physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Any act that degrades, humiliates and mortify the dignity of women in sexual nature is sexual abuse.

Verbal And Emotional Abuse

Emotional or psychological abuse causes impairment of the mental health of the victim by

calling names, insulting and humiliating specifically for not having a male child. It can also be threats to harm any person who is closely related to the aggrieved person.

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse or financial abuse is when one partner takes over access and controls the financial resources of the other partner. Economic abuse diminishes the opportunity of the individual to be self independent and increases the possibility of being dependent on the other.

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