Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research, (CALSAR), Thiruvananthapuram


Articles submitted to Academy Law Review are not restricted to any particular field of law, but broad enough to include national as well as international legal and policy-related issues. We encourage historical, scientific and other multi disciplinary approaches to research in Law. The Review provides the right platform for presenting original and critical views in the field of law, policy and justice. The subscribers of the Journal include various judicial and statutory bodies, prestigious institutions, universities and law schools/colleges, judges, lawyers, scholars and students, within and outside India.

Papers for publication in Academy Law Review are invited in the form of main articles, essays, case critiques, Book Review (together referred herein as “articles”). The journal seeks to promote the growth and engagement of scholarship in the field of law, policy and justice.

Academy Law Review expects authors to abide by academic integrity and intellectual honesty. Papers submitted for publication should be original. Papers which are already published in other journals, anthologies etc should not be submitted for publication in Academy Law Review in the Review. Plagiarism in any form shall result in instant rejection of the submission.