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Why do men get instigated by the word “FEMINISM”?

Gopika Suresh
4th sem
Batch 2 Unitar

Can you imagine being suppressed and oppressed in your whole life
without any freedom to voice out your opinions, living a life completely
controlled by someone else, where you are denied of your rights even though
you have one… Yes, that’s exactly how women were treated and even worse
before the rise of the movement of feminism. So what exactly is this
controversial idea of feminism means? Feminism is about respecting diverse
women’s experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths and striving to
empower all women to realize their full rights. It’s all about levelling the playing
field where women are recognized as individuals who has the same rights as
that of men and that they cannot be simply dominated upon by the men and to
provide equal opportunities to them.

So coming to the point why do men get all worked up when they
find the word feminism anywhere, It’s mainly because the word contains
“FEM”. Many, especially men has this wrong idea that feminism means female
superiority. Let me break their bubbles for good. It’s not. It means uplifting
women to that of men. I have often heard people saying, “ I’m not a feminist”.
My question to that lot is, “ So what are you if not a feminist?”. You can either
be a feminist or a sexist. Therefore, if you are not a feminist then sorry to say
this you are a sexist. I have read from somewhere that nobody’s born as a
sexist, they’re molded into one by the society with their deep-rooted patriarchy
and male chauvinism. There are people who actually say that they believe in
equality but no they’re not a feminist. I don’t know in which era are all these
people living. Friend, you’re a feminist if you support equality. I would blame
the society for raising their kid, especially boys by saying ludicrous things like,
“Stop crying like a girl” etc. IT’s really offending and by saying these kind of
things these people are actually invalidating the feelings of men and degrading
women and their nature. And then there are that another group who is a sexist
in disguise. They actively support feminism and empowering women and all
but when it comes to their family or friend circle, this won’t be applicable. I
would say that when women consider male counterparts as boyfriends or
husband, first of all they should check whether he’s a feminist or not. This is a
huge red flag if they’re not. It’s already late for men to be educated about the
significance of feminism, but it’s better to be late than never.

The educational institutions can play a humungous role in
imparting the knowledge related to feminism. Educating a child while he or
she is still growing will affix what’s taught to them. If you teach them the classic
patriarchy and male domination, they will follow suit, but if you raise them
well, the end result will be a good human being who considers everyone as
equal and ready to learn more. And it’s not too late for all the men, the process
is very simple. LEARN, UNLEARN, RELEARN.

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Vaishnavi Nagaraj

So beautifully written ❤️❤️ every word says the truth. Love it🥰😘

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